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We design and manufacture machine control and monitoring products for both broadcast and audio/video post-production industries. Our products include tally systems, control panels, monitoring vnodes, machine control and interface vnodes, interface products for multiple vendor control, modular frames and cards.

The VTECS™ 5 & VTECS™ 2 Control Panels offer efficient, intelligent control of third party frame syncs, converters, processing amplifiers, and interface equipment. Customers considering the purchase of the AJA Video FS2 can use either control panel to control their FS2 - the panel has built-in control capability. FS2 owners can control multiple FS2 units and simultaneously control their FS1's as well. See Product News page as well as the VTECS 2 and VTECS 5 pages for additional information about the control panels.

The VTECS™ 5 & VTECS™ 2 Control Panels are knob-per-function panels that operate with a minimum number of keystrokes which makes both ideal for on-air control. Connection from the control panel is made directly over Ethernet for vendors who have implemented the Videoframe VTECS™ protocol in their equipment, or by use of a Videoframe Interface VNODE for protocol translation for products that use other protocols over Ethernet, RS-232, RS-422 or GPI links.

Videoframe CP Control Panels come with film relegendable broadcast quality pushbuttons for machine control and router master control.

The award winning, ever popular GPI VNODE™ now uses PoE (Power over Ethernet) technology and is available in several different configurations including the FlexGPI 12 VNODE with 12 two pin GPI ports assignable as either inputs or outputs, and our GPI 12/12 with 12 TTL inputs and 12 relay outputs, along with the multiple input/output 16/16 (one 37 PinD) and 32/32 (two 37 PinD) VNODEs.

At Videoframe we make it easy for you to do business with us. You can buy Videoframe products directly from us or through our worldwide network of dealers. Call and talk to our engineering staff to learn how we might help you with your facility design or upgrade. We hope you enjoy browsing our website.

Videoframe offices are located in the Grass Valley area of California in the Sierra Nevada foothills.



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